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Friday, May 24, 2019

Kootenay days, part 1

I write this from an internet cafe ( " The Treehouse" )in Kaslo BC , great little place for breakfast, nice little town on Kootenay Lake. It hasn't changed a lot since we were here 20 + years ago, but they're coming soon judging by the real estate listings and development proposals. Can't stop progress , and its a beautiful setting, so hardly surprising. Best Mining history Museum we've seen is located in the basement of a coffee shop here in town, huge collection of mine artifacts, rocks and machinery. Mike was pleased that 2 of his outboard motors and a chainsaw were there on display. I recognized some of my kitchen appliances too. We went by the Sternwheeler SS Moyie, but didnt go on the tour this time. After leaving Vernon late last week, we took a side road from Lumby through the Trinity Valley to Mabel Lake Provincial park. it was worth the winding road and 2 km of gravel logging road, sites nicely spaced, lake is pretty and setting spectacular. It wasn't too crowded but even mid week in May all the Lake sites taken, so I imagine you'd have to book sites in peak season. The next day we drove hwy 6 east to Nakusp which hadn't changed at all . enjoyed the free and picturesque ferry rides from Needles/Farguier and Shelter Bay- Galena Bay. While waiting at the terminal at Shelter Bay , Mike went for a swim while I took the dogs for a walk up to a point overlooking the Lake. Part of the view was of smiling relaxed Mike, wearing nothing but shorts heading back up the ramp while the largest Bear I've ever seen wearing a lovely Cinnamon coloured coat , possibly silver tipped, was ambling down. Mike paid no attention to his wife screeching from above ,dogs were too busy looking for squirrels to notice anything and while I was grabbing my phone to -throw at Bear? film the encounter? Mr Bear diverted into the bush and carried on his way. We were on our way to the Eagle Bay rec site , a 30 min drive from Galena Bay down a logging road . Actually an Up, Down, Around, Repeat as needed one way logging road. When we arrived Bear warning signs were posted around but apparently they were all hanging around the ferry terminal as we didn't see any. Mike did see a Mama Moose with calf when out running a few days later though. The site is well situated on the Lake with a rocky beach and waterfalls feeding it. No cel service or hook ups and we were feeling rustic and self sufficient until the place began filling up with fancy trailers and even a bus/motorhome over the long wknd! Glad to have not met any of those rigs driving in or out . we enjoyed a few days there and the waterfall drowned out most of the generators, music and screaming kids. we retaliated occasionally with the barking dog chain . From there we took ferry back over, back through Nakusp, and onward to New Denver and the ghost town of Sandon. Sandon deserves a whole post, so I'll leave it here for now. Cafe s filling up and we have to be on the road.

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