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Friday, April 19, 2019

here's post #2 ( i hope) The day of scheduled vet visit dawned rainy and blustery and Spiffy's eye was clear, so we cancelled appt and aim ( lord willing) to depart tomorrow as planned. We hope a few people will come and stay here at home periodically while we're gone to enjoy the place and keep cats company. We're mostly packed and ready now , but its an ongoing challenge to prep the Van for camping/living when its an hour boat ride away. Rubbermaid totes are hauled off and on the passenger ferry, emptied, re packed, and stored, repeat as needed. Better than a gym membership . Now there's the usual stack of totes, laundry bags, dog crates, yoga mat ( for Keevah to lie on ) piled by the door. Once I travelled light, now we could use Sherpas' and mules. Folding dollies are the cadillacs of this Island; people eye each others admiringly like they do cars in other places. no one cares what you're dressed like or what you drive here, but if you've got a nice dolly it'll be noticed! One last hike on the " Pond loop" trail, one last day to enjoy the square footage and option to be in different rooms or acres from each other, one more sleep in a bed that doesn't have to be folded up each morning.


  1. Well this should be fun, following you on here. You always write such detailed and rich letters so this will be wonderful! I'm glad Spiffy's feeling better too.

    1. Huh, this is your cousin Karen, BTW. It didn't post my name.

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