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Saturday, April 27, 2019

windy tales, windy trails

Post 3, Day 5 , stardate 27042019 (you know I had to) Sitting in an internet cafe in Port Hardy, our ship north sails tonight.( weather permitting.) Set off early Tuesday, got gas in Campbell river ,then used a borrowed Camping guide 10 years newer than ours to find ourselves a nice Forestry site for the night. Off the highway on an unmarked gravel road that wasn't too bad, couple of sketchy places and rickety bridges, but overall nothing worse than our one lane dirt roads at home. 20 miles in, and thankful for some handwritten board signs, we found our spot. right on the ocean and no one else around, perfect! Parking when Mike noticed the gas gauge read E. No cel service , not too many pull outs and active logging roads is not where one wants to be stuck out of gas. are the prices that high? the Van THAT bad on fuel? walked the dogs and went to sleep on it. cosy enough overnight and the sound of waves soothing when the wind gusts didnt block them out. Morning dawned , put the 2 spare gallons from our Jerry in the tank and went for it- figured we had enough gas to make it back out to highway at least... took it as a reminder that we're not in control( and, prayer works) Which it did. At Sayward Junction was a Co op gas stn, and at that point we didnt even look at price, just filled it all up . Our gas gauge is definitely broken and wildly inaccurate. hearts back to normal rates, we checked out Sayward, explored a bit and found Forestry site 2 that night on the shores of an amazingly gorgeous Lake . (I will disclose our secret best locations privately to those who ask) 2 nights and a day later we were suitably calm n happy, back on the road to Port McNeill. spent last last at an amazingly located private campground (hot showers!! wifi!! haha ) called Cluxewe resort. This time the beach properly appreciated and waves really were soothing .

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