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Saturday, June 22, 2019

Granddaughters !

Its been a busy few weeks helping Becky in the last few weeks of her pregnancy . Hard to care for a toddler while large with child, and it was very hot. With "Grammy" to entertain Ari, she got a lot done off her list: planting garden, flowers, sewing projects, setting up crib,and other baby gear. Finally the due date arrived and she was in active labour by the time she went in for the last Midwife visit. After several days of labour she needed another C section unfortunately , but Zenia Ruth was born safely on June 19th at 10: 50 am. Not as large as her sister at 9 lb 1oz, but nice and healthy. I will be staying on longer to help , now at a record of 68 days away from home, but we're both happy we got to enjoy such a great trip beforehand ! Mike is holding down the fort at home and enjoying lots of social events on Island so he doesn't go too nutty being alone for so long. It might be too late ... I was gone for that long when Ari was born, but he kept busy doing the siding on the house. I'm thankful to have had such a lot of time with the family here, and looked after Ariana while her parents and sister stayed in Hospital . She was amazingly well adjusted and we had fun prepping for the families return home. She chose some balloons, a card and flower for Mum, then insisted that Zenia get a birthday cake as it was her Birth Day ! It was delicious. If I ever get enough time to learn how to post pics on here I will, but being a dinosaur without computer training, it will take me a day or two I don't currently have to learn. Mike is using his time alone well doing research on water wheels and off grid power systems, hoping to get something set up in our secondary creek by this coming winter. He's so clever with the technical stuff and describes it in great detail to which I nod knowledgeably , not understanding a word. Heaven help me if something happens to him and I have to fix anything. we all know I wont... meanwhile, we carry on apart, taking a leaf out of Casey & Kim's book as he's so often away working, and they deal with the long separations as best they can. Life with a 2 yr old and brand new baby is very busy!

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