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Monday, June 10, 2019

the road's less travelled all the way home

After our ( ok, mine) whining about campsites & crowds was over, we calmed down, had a coffee and did a summary of the trip so far- It's been great. What a gorgeous province we live in, and what a privilege to have time to spend exploring , meeting interesting people and stretching our personal boundaries. Still so many side roads to drive and sights to see . Our wandering time was up by May 30th as grandchild # 2 is due Mid June, and I wanted to be within a days travel for the big event. The plan was for all of us to explore and enjoy the Okanagan ,while spending lots of time with Ariana , our granddaughter and her parents, but after the storm we arrived in, Vernon had a heat wave and it was hard to keep the dogs cool Its certainly easier to deal with 3 dogs by yourself at our place than in a smoldering hot Urban subdivision, so Mike decided it was best if they all went home. ( The woodshed and numerous projects were calling, too) We took a week to drive back to Vancouver Island, stopping in Keremeos to visit friends, and camping in our favourite campsite near Hedley BC along the Similkameen River. Were blessed with good weather , & we both love the town of Hedley & chatting with the locals there. Sad to see the former site of the Old Hitching Post bare after it burnt down in Fall of 2018 . The owners were injured jumping from the second story , lost everything , and the town lost a historic landmark. We were glad to have been there for dinner on our last years trip, and hope all goes well with their injury recovery and re building. Onward from there to Tswassen ferry via the Hope Princeton highway, which is always lovely. Drove it in the Fall on our way back home after the first snowfall, this time grey and smoky from the Alberta wildfires. Hoping for a wetter summer with less fires for BC this year. Just made the Ferry over to Victoria, where Mike & dogs drove straight onto the Mill Bay /Brentwood Bay ferry for the drive north to French creek ferry. 10 Different ferry rides on this trip ( not including his ferry ride home)- a personal record! All different, all interesting and scenic and not a single ferry line up or sailing wait. Another personal record..we can all tell ferry wait horror stories! I got a ride to Victoria airport from my Mom to fly directly back to Vernon, and that marked the official end of our road trip portion : 40 days and 40 nights worth. Mike's now safely home on Island, keeping busy and trying not to get too lonely , the dogs happy to be home running free and cats delighted to see their pack back. Spiffy turned 16 last week and sure liked having them around for his party. Now for me, extended " Grammy " time which has already been lots of fun. I am reminded daily I'm not 30 anymore but oh well, its worth the pulled ligaments and body ache to play with a 2 yr old again, I love it.

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